The Window of the Centre d'action culturelle de Papineau, MRC Papineau

Created in the winter of 2011, this window directs passersby (pedestrians or cars) to the CACP, MRC Papineau which is located in a commercial building.  This window wants to demystify the creation of the works of art, as well as showcase the variety of services offered by the CACP.  The creation of art is still a mystery to most people which is the reason why a fairy is hereby represented mounting an imaginary bird.  

From a technical viewpoint, the window measures 8 feet wide by 12 feet high.  It was created with recycled materials which were accumulated over the years.  As an example, the bird's head is made of a large round metal table, whereas the eye is represented by a 33 vinyl record and a shower head.  The beak is made of the foot of a rocking chair.  You may visit this window at 3 Principale Street, Saint-André-Avellin in the Petite-Nation.

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